Frequently asked questions

  • I Have Never Taken An Online Course Before- What Should I Expect?
  • Do I Have To Buy A Book For An Online Course?

    Majority of the course material would be provided by us. Some courses might require a text book to be bought by the student.

  • What Are Some Tips For Success In Online Learning?

    Participate: Stay in contact with your teacher and your classmates through the discussion board and other activities. Participation often contributes to your final grade.

    Know your deadlines: Look for table of deadlines when you first login to your course site. If you feel you can't meet a deadline, let your teacher know as soon as possible don't wait until the last minute as it is often harder to accommodate your request then.

    Be patient: You have access to the course site 24x7, but remember your teacher and classmates are not sitting at the other end waiting for your email or discussion posting. Give them time to reply. Usually, you can expect a response within 48 hours or sooner.

    Be organized: Manage your time appropriately. As a guideline, you should give yourself about 2-3 hours per week to work through the course content and another 3-4 hours per week to complete assignments and participate in discussions and online activities.

    Read: It is very easy to skim information on the web, but it is important that you read through the material in your course site to ensure a positive learning experience.

  • What To Do Next After Getting The Qualification?

    Universities: You can go for a Bachelors or Masters Degree after completion of the programmes. All our qualifications come with progression agreements with over 80 universities worldwide.

    Other exam boards: We have agreements with a number of professional bodies who offer exemptions to holders of our qualifications.

    Employment: Our qualifications can help you to get a better position, increase your confidence in your current role, gain a promotion, set up your own business or to change careers. For more details on what you could do with your qualification, please click here.

  • How Can I Contact My Professors?

    The programme is self paced and has been developed in such a manner that you will not require any academic support. However, if you feel that you need some support from the professors, you can at any point of time request for live one to one chat session with the professors. You can get in touch with the administrator for such sessions.

  • How Are Examinations/ Assessments Conducted?

    Assessment is conducted via on-line quizzes, assignment submission and dissertation project.

    You can speak to our admission officer to know if your course involves assessments via quiz or assignments. You can chat with the admission officer by clicking here

  • What If I Need Help During The Course Of My Studies?

    For the benefit of all students there is an advisor and a tutor chat line, enabling real time contact.